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Concurrent QT-prolonging drugs , , , , , , , . that are metabolized via the enzyme CYP3A4cisaprideerythromycinpimozideand quinidine)

Patients who develop abnormal liver function tests during fluconazole therapy must be monitored closely for the development of more serious hepatic injury.

The evidence for efficacy of fluconazole in the treatment of other forms of endemic mycoses such as paracoccidioidomycosislymphocutaneous sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis is limitedwhich prevents specific dosing recommendations.

AmitriptylinenortriptylineFluconazole increases the effect of amitriptyline and nortriptyline5-nortriptyline and/or S-amitriptyline may be measured at initiation of the combination therapy and after one weekDose of amitriptyline/nortriptyline should be adjustedif necessary.

If drug is used during pregnancy or if patient becomes pregnant while taking the drugpatient should be informed of potential hazard to fetuseffective contraceptive measures should be considered in women of child-bearing potential who are being treated with 400 to 800 mg/day and should continue throughout the treatment period and for approximately 1 week5 to 6 half-livesafter the final dose.

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