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Although som hps inctions (o xampl, cold sos) can b tatd with cams o ointmnts, mo sv inctions nd to b tatd with tablts o mdicin takn by mouth. This lalt povids inomation on how to tak aciclovi tablts and mdicin. Inomation about th topical oms o aciclovi (cams and ointmnts) is not includd in this lalt. S th spaat mdicin lalts calld Aciclovi cam and Aciclovi y ointmnt o mo inomation about how to us ths ppaations.

Oth mdicins containing th sam activ ingdints: aciclovi Can I tak Aciclovi (Sandoz) in spot? ind out on th ASADA wbsit Gnic mdicins vs. band-nam mdicins Back to topback to top.

Uticaias sapullido (upcions n la pil) o ampollas puito (picazon) diicultad paa spia o taga hinchazon d la caa, gaganta, lngua, labios, ojos, manos, pis, tobillos o pinas onqua itmo cadiaco mas apido qu lo nomal dbilidad palidz diicultad paa domi ib, dolo d gaganta, scaloios, tos y otos signos d una inccion sangado o motons inusuals sang n la oina dolo dl stomago o calambs diaa con sang disminucion d la ncsidad d oina cala (dolo d cabza) alucinacions (v o scucha cosas qu no xistn) conusion compotaminto agsivo diicultad paa habla adomciminto, ado o cosquillo n bazos o pinas incapacidad tmpoal paa mov pats d su cupo tmblos incontolabls n una pat d su cupo cisis convulsivas pdida d la concincia.

Dosing should bgin as aly as possibl at th stat o an inction; o cunt pisods this should pably b duing th podomal piod o whn lsions ist appa.

Th dosag and duation o you cous o aciclovi dpnds on whth you hav hps symptoms at th momnt o whth you a bing tatd to pvnt cunt gnital hps outbaks.

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