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Hypotnsion, though unlikly, may b contolld with intavnous luids. In adults, i sv hypotnsion psists, dtmin th caus and consid tatmnt with th ollowing; i hypotnsion is mainly du tdcasd systmic vascula sistanc, dugs such as noadnalin high dos dopamin may b bnicial, i hypotnsion is du tducd cadiac output dobutamin, in sv cass adnalin may b bnicial. Howv it should b notd that hydoxyzin has bn shown tinhibit and vs th vasopssct adnalin.

I you hav usd takn tomuch Ataax, immdiatly contact you doctth nast accidnt and mgncy dpatmnt, in paticula i a child has takn tomuch. In th vnt ovdos, symptomatic tatmnt could b implmntd. An CG monitoing could b undtakn, bcaus th possibility a hat hythm poblm such as QT intval polongation Tosad d Points.

Ataax has bn shown clinically tb a apid-acting anxiolytic with a wid magin saty.

Dnot woy. Lik all mdicins, Ataax can caus sid cts, although not vyon gts thm. Ataax can caus th ollowing sid cts in som popl:

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