Monday, September 7, 2009 Women and competition – “Teachers are not paid enough” – The school and the digital – voting at 16?

Monday, September 7, 2009 Women and competition – "Teachers are not paid enough" – The school and the digital – voting at 16? Women and competition The World reports a study by three economists – Evren Ors, professor at HEC, Eloic Peyrache, Director of HEC, and Frederic Palomino, former and current of the Paris School associate professor at the Edhec Lille – who studied the results obtained between 2005 and 2007 the entrance examination in the first year of HEC. The findings of this study are overwhelming. Candidates to contest the school of Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines) may well have better records than their male competitors (references to upper tray, better representation in the good preparatory classes), they are less successful. While the percentage of men and women candidates is balanced over the three years studied (50.84% ??male, 49.16% women), the percentage of eligible women drops to 46.32%, and d ‘admitted to 45.92% … How to explain this imbalance? "From a technical point of view, it seems that the competition structure HEC creates heterogeneity advantage in men than in women," said Mr. Peyrache. If "average", men and women performances are similar, "Women notes are concentrated around the average, while those men are very dispersed with many high ratings and very bad. Mechanically, when you select the first 380 results, it was a little more men ".For three researchers, this study thus demonstrates that in the case of the French education system" women respond differently to men the pressure generated by the competition". This is confirmed by sociologists Christian Baudelot and Roger Establet interviewed by the same newspaper, "If the girls selected less observed, for example, students of second, one is always struck with equal academic success, math assignment answers
by any self-confidence girls and overestimation of self boys. Or self-overestimation well prepared for future competitions. "And they specify" Nothing in these genetic differences, but only the deep traces of a highly differentiated education from day one in the family and in society. "" The teachers are not paid enough "The Minister of national Education Luc Chatel expressed unfavorable to a spelling reform Sunday when issuing the grand jury organized jointly by RTL / Le Figaro / LCI. Asked by a journalist about the "absolute nonsense" that was the only college, Mr Chatel said: "Absolute nonsense, I will not say that I spent my degree in 1982, there were 22% of a class age who had the tray, today there are 66% of an age group that has the tray, it means that through the unique college, he was allowed (…) this progress. " But the key is not there, since during the same interview, he also discussed the upgrading of teacher salaries "All the studies show, the French teachers are not paid well enough, especially in middle and late career" , said the Minister adding that the reform of the mastering will revaluations "significant early career." Luc Chatel account open "tomorrow" discussions with the social partners and will "lead to arbitration at the end of January or early February," allowing an effective implementation in September 2010. The unions are very cautious. "The good news is mainly that there is a timetable," said Daniel Robin, national secretary of Snes- FSU. Another question, the specific terms of this revaluation. "There is also the idea that rewards the teachers because they perform new tasks," noted the minister. "If we propose a teacher to tutor as part of teacher training, if they are associated more with the direction I wish we remunerate accordingly" .For the SNES, "the idea that one rewards the teachers because they perform new tasks "is a smokescreen by Daniel Robin. "When you work more, you are paid more, it’s normal." The school and the digital Definitely it is the subject of school. Liberation comes back with this title: "The school is not ready to switch to all-digital" Indeed, September 4, Luc Chatel was in Chaumont, the city of which he is mayor, to launch the experiment manuals digital. 320 classes or 8,000 students from 64 colleges in 21 departments will benefit from this year real digital textbooks. Pascale Gossin, Lecturer in Information Science and Communication, thus responding, with some excess in Liberationsur issues of the entry of "all digital" at school (why indeed should -it whether "all digital"?) to the question "Can we now say that digital tools support student learning?", she replied "Scientifically, it is not shown. Initially, the input of the digital school was presented as a solution to meet the learning difficulties. the debate on this issue has changed recently. We returned above measure. ". the other issue raised is, of course , the adaptation of teachers and the education system in these new tools. for her, it is primarily an educational issue (not technical!) "Politicians are right to insist and to raise awareness of the issue of digital. But n e enough just to announce. We must also support teachers and research. There is not currently enough studies to measure the educational impact of these tools. ". She even considered that "to really take advantage of digital tools in construction, must be completely disrupt the educational system. It is necessary to rethink education, disciplines local "Voting at 16? The National Union schoolgirl (UNL) on Monday demanded the right to vote in national elections from the age of 16 years. "We want the right to vote 16 years," claims the first high school student organization in the back of leaflet distributed starting Monday for several weeks. The secretary general of the UNL, Antoine Evennou, did not understand why the students who mobilize and participate in discussions "can not vote and express themselves." "This would allow a rebalancing and an equal distribution between the age groups in the elections," said the high school student leader at a press conference. Good reading… ——————————————— – from 07/09/09 the rating of the stock rises prepa the threshold of 30% of small pupils in preparatory classes is achieved Read more of the article "the school is not ready to move the all-digital "Pascale Gossin, lecturer in information Science and communication, is the author of several books on digital manual and its impact on teaching practices. She talks about the issues of the entry of "all digital" in school. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 07/09/09 courses on the Internet for students soon seized on Monday in Arsonval high school in Saint-Maur, contaminated students have electronic schoolbag. That is to say that their courses will be available on an Internet portal. Read more of the article To Chatel, vaccination of teachers is not essential The Minister of Education said that school closures in case of influenza A (H1N1) were decided locally. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 07/09/09 the girls shine in the classroom, the boys competitions they perform better during schooling, but less successful competition for the best schools than men. Reason: more women suffer in a "competitive environment". Read more from the article "The slightest confidence of girls and self-overestimation of the boys hit us" Baudelot and Roger Establet are sociologists. This included published Go Girls! (Seuil, 1992) and What’s New in girls? (Nathan, 2007). They react to the findings of the study on the support of HEC. Read more from the article "We will learn a lot" In the school hall Georges Politzer in Tremblay-en France (Seine-Saint-Denis) reign healthy smell of disinfectant. The return in twenty minutes. In the courtyard, Wednesday, September 3, enlarges the crowd of parents and children. Catherine Gorgeon, teacher since 1994, based in Politzer since 2001, is at the gate. It held a secret meeting with a mom: "It will speak with Headmaster" … Then she leans a kid dragging a gleaming trolley bag: "Hello, you make me a kiss?" console and a girl: "No, sweetie, you’re not with me this year, but it’s going very well happen." Read more of the article when teen get naked on Internet The site first social network for 15-24 years with twenty-six million blogs, is a mirror for who wants to study the extreme practices of adolescents : display of suicidal thoughts, or defend anorexia, exhibitionism – more or less forced – are commonplace. But each return of new finds appear. "It is expected in September with fear, confirms Veronique Fima-Cheese, President of Action Innocence France Each time they released us new shit The trend in 2008 was to film his small comrades peeing. " This year, the NGO bet on "dedipix" pictures-signings that boys ask adolescents, sometimes very young, in exchange for comments (com’s) on their blog. 2.0 On the planet, in fact, the popularity is measured in number of visits and volume of comments. A logical Michael Stora, psychoanalyst, describes as "intimate audience ratings". Read more of the article Emma and Nathan leading the hit parade of names Emma, ??Leah and Manon for girls, Nathan, Lucas and Enzo for boys: these are, according to the classification established by the website the trio head first names given to babies in 2009. Produced annually from a sample of more than 8000 births between January 1 and August 22, the top 20 names differs little from that of 2008 . Parents like short names (Zoe Lola Leo, Tom), in consonance "a" and "o" (Hugo, Lena, Noah) and a certain nostalgia (Louise, Jules, Louis). Evan, Ethan, Mael, Maelys Oceane and make their way into the top 20, while leaving the Mathis and Matteo. In boys, Julius (4th place) never ceases to be successful and Louise (8th place) sent a good breakthrough in girls. Some classics still hold up well (Arthur Thomas, Maxime Clement, Camille) and others invite the winners (Alice Matilda). Read more of the article Influenza A: Students of Val-de-Marne in forced rest No clock Monday morning for students in first ES high school Arsonval in Saint-Maur: the management of this property of Val-de-Marne decided Saturday, September 5, to let students to sleep after having identified eight cases of influenza a since September. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 07/09/09 (delay of one day) Eric Besson justified the detention of children pass weapons between the Minister of Immigration and associations about the detention of foreign minors. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- 07/09/09 ——— the Parisien the mother of a disabled child attack national Education "in September, there was no AVS to take care of my child , Yolande Raulet furious, the mother of a 3 year old slightly handicapped. The director of the school refused to take charge. " Without school carer (AVS), a child of Bon Encontre (Lot-et-Garonne) therefore could not go to school. On Friday, his mother 33 years complained to Agen against the Ministry of Education for not respecting the law. Read more of the article The Minister of Education opposed to a spelling reform The Minister of National Education Luc Chatel expressed unfavorable to reform the spelling Sunday at issuance big jointly organized jury RTL / Le Figaro / LCI. Read more of the article First class closed due to influenza A class was closed yesterday in a high school of Val-de-Marne after the appearance of eight cases of influenza A. The 36 students will work from home . Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 07/09/09 in Paris, some students still have not made their return to the high school assignments, the rector of Paris gave priority to students from the public. Halde examines a dozen families of records from the private, who feel discriminated More Article ————————- ———————– echoes (some paid items) of 07/09/09 Chatel announced the upgrading of teacher salaries Guest of the Grand Jury RTL- "Le Figaro" -LCI, the Minister of Education yesterday gave the kickoff of the revaluation of salaries of teachers. "All the studies show, the French teachers are not paid well enough, especially in middle and late career," said the Minister adding that the reform of the mastering will revaluations "significant early career" . Luc Chatel account open "tomorrow" discussions with the social partners and will "lead to arbitration at the end of January or early February," allowing an effective implementation in September 2010. Read more of Article Training alternately: young people struggling to find employers falling study contracts was confirmed in July. Training organizations hope to redress the situation this autumn. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 07/09/09 Revaluation of salaries of teachers: the unions are waiting to see the minister has promised for September 2010, but unions have "some question marks» Read more Article for Luc Chatel, teachers "are not paid enough," the Minister said he wanted a "significant revaluation" of their wages at the beginning and mid-career … Read More Article Influenza a (H1N1 ): the digital schoolbag, how does it work? The high school Arsonval (Val-de-Marne) was equipped with emergency this system, implemented by the Academy of Creteil, which could be extended .. Read more of the article ——– —————————————- 07/09/09 Rue89 of the Bugs school year: it gives what home? This is Isabella, a waterfront mother who writes Rue89. At the rectory, we just tell him his son Lucas, 16, who redoubles his second and leaves the private to the public, had no allocation for this year and that "since sixteen years, the administration is not obliged to find a settlement. " She is furious, worried, "disgusted" and quite rise against the press makes too few cases bugs of school. His reaction, lively, falls well: Rue89 had planned to go testimonies of hiccups after three school days. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France … 07/09/09 Nothing seen ——————————- —————– Le Journal du Dimanche 07/09/09 Flu: Internet via a school class Arsonval high school in the Val-de-Marne, closed for because of influenza A-H1N1, experiencing the "digital briefcase". Deployed in emergency, this revolution could be extended to other institutions, but already worries some parents. Read more of the article A school for children gifted Two young mothers are creating a school for gifted children in Nogent-sur-Marne (94). The opening is planned in the autumn of All Saints on November 5. Read more from the article "We are not doomed to failure" The first "Excellence boarding" for students from modest backgrounds, just opened in Seine-et-Marne. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent First class 07/09/09 closures due to the flu a college class in Ariege and three primary classes in the Lot are exempt from classes for a week because several students with influenza-like symptoms. These closures were ordered by the prefectures. Read more of the article stammering Entry "electronic schoolbag" in high school Arsonval The "electronic schoolbag" is an improvised started high school Arsonval in Saint-Maur-des-Fosses (Val-de-Marne), first school to have a class closed due to H1N1 since September. Read more of the article Chatel: "Teachers are not paid enough" The Education Minister said to want a "significant revaluation" of teacher salaries at the beginning and mid-career. These are below the OECD average. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 07/09/09 ————————————- Nothing seen … ——— the Teaching of the digital Cafe Chatel 07/09/09: Minister will launch a large digital map Presenting experimentation digital textbooks in Chaumont September 4, Luc Chatel announced a broad plan to make France a reference country for Tice. Read more of the article When using turns against struggling students: the shining example of the Teaching Assistants Francois Jarraud Editorial Researchers do not believe their numbers! They had to extend by one year their observations to be sure. A survey conducted by the London Institute of Education with 20 000 teachers and education assistants (Teaching Assistants: TA) shows that more than one student is helped, unless it progresses! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 07/09/09 Back 2009 which is seized? By Philippe Meirieu What to expect from the 2009 academic year? Nothing, perhaps, in terms of progress towards more democratic institutions and further democratizing educational practices, writes educator Philippe Meirieu. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- selection in the 07/09/09 dispatches class a suspended after the discovery of four flu cases in Seine-et-Marne a class of kindergarten Bel Air Torcy (Seine-et-Marne) was suspended Monday for a week from Tuesday after the discovery of four flu cases in the facility has been learned from the prefecture. Read more of the article Eleven students from families refused in the public seized Halde Eleven families of students from the private and who have been affected in a public high school have petitioned the High Authority against Discrimination and for equality (Halde) to "discrimination" does said Monday at the dump. Read more article: Teachers went on strike to ask a nurse in their college Forty-seven of the fifty professors Henry Dunant college Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine) were on strike Monday to ask a nurse in establishment, found an AFP journalist. Read more of the article UNL demand the right to vote 16 years schoolgirl National Union (UNL) on Monday demanded the right to vote in national elections from the age of 16 years. Read more of the article Lyceens: UNL challenges the easing of the school map schoolgirl National Union (UNL) Monday launched his comeback campaign calling for the establishment of a new school board and the creation of a "genuine public service orientation" and the right to vote from 16 years. Read more of the article The student returned "looks more difficult than ever," according to Fage Student retracted "looks harder than ever" in terms of housing, health, resources and employability of students and future graduates, said Monday Fage second student organization, at a press conference. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Monday, September 7, 2009

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