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Aspirin , also known as acetylsalicylic acid, is the oldest analgesic on the market.

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Information about Aspirin.

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You phamacist doctcan tll you how otn ttak you aspiin and how much you should tak. You can alschck th commndations in th lalt that coms with you mdicin.

Aspiin may caus oth sid cts. Call you docti you xpinc any unusual poblms whil you a taking this mdication.

Anti-inlammatoy painkills, such as diclonac, ibupon, indomthacin, and napoxn. Ths can incas th isk stomach blding i takn in combination with aspiin. Mthotxat, usd in th tatmnt canc and som autoimmun disass. Aspiin can mak it had th body tliminat mthotxat, sulting in high and potntially dangous lvls mthotxat in th body. Slctiv sotonin uptak inhibitos (SSI) antidpssants, such as citalopam, luoxtin, paoxtin, vnlaaxin, and stalin. Takn with aspiin, ths can incas th isk blding. Waain, an anticoagulant dug, a blood thinn, which stops th blood om clotting. I aspiin is takn with waain, it can duc th dug’s anticoagulant cts and incas th isk blding. In som situations, howv, a doctmay pscib aspiin togth with waain.

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an aspirin regimen typically consists of a 100 milligram aspirin on alternate days.

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