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I will comment again here if i am successful coming off zyprexa completely.

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he can,t remember the name of the medication, the generic equivalent of eli lilly s brand name zyprexa.

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the zyprexa put me to sleep for 20 hours a day and the others did not help as monotherapy so we returned to risperdal in conjunction with lamictal, effexor and just recently added 5mg abilify to help with negative symptoms i m more recently diagnosed schizoaffective .

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the injunction also barred the disclosure of the information about zyprexa by many of the most well-known experts on psychiatric drugs in the us, who are also journalists and authors, to include dr peter breggin, dr grace jackson, dr david cohen, dr stefan kruszewski, judy chamberlin, vera sherav, and robert whitaker.

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doctors there said they have seen one other patient that switched from zyprexa to the generic olanzapine who landed in the hospital, althought i suspect that there are more cases that exist because they just fall through the cracks that doctors and or family members do not simply recognize this generic issue.

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for zyprexa relprevv use gloves when preparing; solution may be irritating to skin.


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